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Who We Are


Air view from the Verdugos in 1908 of the Valley that was soon to be Burbank.

First, a bit of history…

Burbank was born during the Southern California land boom of the 1880’s when thousands of Americans came West during the railroad rate war between Santa Fe and Southern Pacific. The newcomers so completely Americanized their little town that Burbank’s Native American and Spanish heritage appears visible only in our city’s street signs.

Burbank Historical Society


A small group of individuals, led by Mary Jane Strickland, were intent on preserving the rich history of their community. They founded the Burbank Historical Society in 1973 and later incorporated and received non-profit status in 1975.

Founder Mary Jane Strickland and benefactor Gordon R. Howard standing together in the facility’s Memorabilia Room.

Our Mission

Burbank Historical Society was founded in 1973 with one goal in mind, to collect and preserve the history of Burbank for future generations.

In the beginning…

What started out as a quest for information regarding her father’s years as Burbank’s police chief became a passion for Mary Jane Strickland. She discovered inaccuracies in the city’s records and set about inquiring about its methods, if any, for preserving historical data. Although the city library was storing precious historical documents and photographs, it became apparent to Mary Jane during this time that more had to be done. Soon after, she organized the Burbank Historical Society in 1973. She told the Los Angeles Times in a 1990 article, “I just started collecting things, putting things together and talking to people, and pretty soon I was a woman possessed.”


Mary Jane Strickland enlists the help of Gordon R. Howard to build our museum facility.

Where We Are

We Are Located in Burbank

Our museum complex is comprised of two structures that reside within George Izay Park. Though our mailing address is formally on Lomita Street, the primary entrance to our main facility can be accessed through the park entrance on Clark Avenue.

Museum Complex - Main Entrance

George Izay Park, 1100 West Clark Avenue, Burbank, CA 91506

Mailing Address

115 Lomita Street, Burbank, CA 91506

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