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Museum Complex


The museum complex’s primary structure houses the bulk of the society’s collections.

Gordon R. Howard Museum

Two separate structures together comprise our museum complex. From its park-side entrance, the complex’s primary building anchors on one side, the various public facilities enclosed within the park grounds. The bulk of the society’s collection is housed in this 20,000 square foot facility, named in honor of our valued benefactor, Gordon R. Howard.


All items in the complex, except for those on loan, have been donated. The Burbank Historical Society and the Gordon R. Howard Museum are separate entities from the City of Burbank and are run completely by volunteers with no paid staff. Membership is open to the public.

Mentzer House

Built in 1887, this restored, framed Victorian house, was built by the Providencia Land, Water and Development Company. Although 30 houses were planned by the firm, only six were confirmed as completed. Each was approximately 900 sq. ft. in size and built of redwood in an Eastlake style with a little bit of Queen Anne gingerbread. The cost for each home at the time of sale was about $500.00. The Mentzer House was originally built near Palm Avenue and 6th Street, was moved to 321 E. Orange Grove around 1920, before it was moved to its current resting place on Olive Avenue in 1977.


The Mentzer House is the second structure comprising the museum complex.

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